An ambitious project. Very ambitious !

The knowledge is there, someone has the information you need or the autority to unlock your problematic. The problem is that you might not know that person or he/she is out of your reach. The W Mastermind ambition is to connect you with those key persons, augmenting your business capabilities.

This is how it will happen

Building this W Mastermind is a process and it relies on various partners sharing a same vision. We are currently federating key players in the watch industry - but not limited to - that are known as authority and respected in their field of competences. They will represent the W Mastermind advisory board. 

The W Mastermind will then be progressively opened to individuals upon selection and acceptance of the board. Registration fee will apply. 

The "augmented you"

Contacts and knowledge are the key. Belonging to the W Mastermind will allow you to leverage both. Monthly private conferences (accessible live or remote), personnal access to coaches from the board, networking in the first circle.

Interested ?

Let us know if you are interested in applying to the W Mastermind. We will get back to you in due time to inform when the selection process is open.

Sure, W stands for Watches, but not only...

The best way to read it would be "double you" or you augmented. 

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Neuchâtel, Switzerland