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First Circle

Creating a new watch brand is complex. It works a bit like a watch itself, made of hundred parts that must click perfectly together and work in harmony.

Having advised several dozens of entrepreneurs willing to launch their watch brand, we noticed that they all had the same dilemma: where to start? whom to talk to first? whom to trust? do I have to pay the highest price to get the best service?

Watch business is a century-old industry and Switzerland is definitely a hub for competences, knowledge and knowhow. Actually, it's not Switzerland, it's a very tiny epicenter around Neuchâtel & Bienne area, Jura and Geneva. We call this the "First Circle". Entering this circle can be very complex and knowing the right person will open the door to the other right persons. This is what you need and this is what we offer.

How we can help :

We will act as consultant, with no overhead commission or hidden agenda. We work in transparency. You stay in control, know the intermediaries and take the final decisions

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Neuchâtel, Switzerland