Conferences & Seminars

Choose your format and your thematic

May it be a 2, 4 hours or full-day presentation, we define together the thematic you wish to develop. From very focus problematic to general presentation, we will capture your audience.

For which public ?
  • Companies willing to organize in-house seminars for their employees on the new problematic of the distribution in the digital era

  • MBAs students that should understand how sales and distribution work, through a sales perspective and not as a sub category of marketing

  • Chambers or commerce that want to have an insight in international watch distribution

  • Symposium on watches and luxury goods willing to integrate sales expert on the panel of lecturer


Thomas Baillod has been invited to give conferences and lectures in several MBAs such as MAS Luxe in Geneva, HEG in Neuchâtel, MIP Politecnico Milano.

Beside hundreds of training seminars given during his time working for premium Swiss watch brands, Thomas has participated in many conferences, interviews and debates on thematic related to the watch industry. 

It is great to pass on knowledge !

There is so much to say about setting up a traditional distribution or understanding the current change of the distribution paradigm in the digital era.

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Neuchâtel, Switzerland